Popins Gallery

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About Popins

The name "POPINS" came from my nickname "POP" and "PINS" which is also known as Bobby Pins, I first started to make.I would like to create crafted handmade jewelry that people can wear everyday as a part of their lives.

My designs have been inspired from nature, symbols, and everything around. I use silver, copper, brass wire with hand crafted techniques to create unique and beautiful designs and use Stone, bead, Swarovski crystal to create elegant styles.

So POPINS will be something for everyone from simple to funky, unique to high fashion style. Every piece of POPINS is "made with love" of making jewelry.

Now I have a little shop call "POPINS Gallery" also imported cloths, dress and many more, which anyone can come and visit , open hour is Mon-Fri from 10:00-18.00 hr

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